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For your first time using a fax machine / facsimile / fax indeed very confusing how to use a fax machine. will explain how to use a fax machine.
Turn on / turn on the fax machine
Put the plug into a power outlet available, the fax machine will live and will see a message on the screen that will display on the front panel.
Some of the messages no display screen to the thermal paper that is

open the cover and the fax machine and the paper input in accordance with the instructions in the laying of the paper.
press the START button and the machine will work, for fax machines that use a cutter to cut paper fax machine to fax machine and no cutter just out of paper so that the machine is already standby and ready to use.
Then input jack Telephone Line machined written section, and then try to pick up the handset or press the sp-phone / monitor listening for the tone, ringing tone when there means the machine is ready for use.